Vetter group research interests lie in the design of combined reaction/crystallization systems with the ultimate goal of obtaining an intensified and globally optimal process that outperforms the individually optimized unit operations.


BACG 2017 - 48th BACG Annual Conference

It was an exciting programme comprising the latest developments in the areas of crystal growth, nucleation, crystallisation engineering and characterisation of crystalline materials.

The BACG 2017 will include keynote lectures, contributed lectures, posters and crystals in art as well as the BACG annual lecture and young scientist of the year award. A new type of session was introduced in which senior crystallisation experts will discuss their chosen best career article with the younger generations together with the challenges for the future.


BACG 2016 -  Crystal Growth Joint Conference

The aim of this joint conference is to provide a forum for broad scientific and technological exchange amongst researchers and academics from around the world. The conference will focus on the fundamentals of crystal growth, different types of crystals and their crystallisation environment, crystallisation engineering and crystallisation characterisation techniques.


Summer School 2016 -  Crystal Nucleation

BACG committee nucleation summer school, was held at the university of Strathclyde technology and innovation centre in the heart of Glasgow on 20th-24th of June 2014.

Crystal Nucleation