Learn how to Monitor, Model and Control your Crystallisation Processes

The goal of this short course is to enable the user to gather data relevant to crystallisation processes, interpret it and combine it with modelling and control strategies to keep your process within specifications.

This course will cover the following topics with lectures from experts in the field

  • Fundamentals of IR, Raman & particle sizing
    Prof. Peter Gardner, Prof. Philip Martin, Dr Thomas Vetter
    University of Manchester
  • Interpreting your data using chemometrics
    Prof. Philip Martin, Prof. Peter Gardner
    University of Manchester
  • Crystallisation process modelling
    Prof. Marco Mazzotti
    ETH Zurich
    Dr Thomas Vetter
    University of Manchester
  • Optimization and control of crystallisation processes
    Dr Elena Simone
    University of Leeds
  • Regulatory aspects of process analytical technologies
    Dr Nima Yazdan Panah
    U.S. Food & Drug Administration

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